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english test year 10

english test year 10

this is from the last question of some gcse mock test paper that i had to do back a couple years ago in year 10. it was from some writing prompt thing, and it's not great, but i don't hate it and that's a rarity, so before i lose the paper that this is on, i thought i'd back it up here.

As I wake up, I hear the sounds of the storm outside. I hear the sound of the rain against the roof and the walls, the sound of the waves thrashing against the cliffs. I turn to try and look at the clock on my wall through the lingering darkness. It's only three in the morning, but with the storm raging outside there's no point in trying to go back to sleep.
In an attempt to pass the time, I get up and follow the dim light spilling through the window. I watch as the waves rage against the rocks, unleashing their anger on them, then receding back into the murky sea. The rain has become heavier since I woke up, now plummeting into the windows and the walls, making clear their every drop. Despite the rain, I open the windows. I breathe in the cold air, trying to forget the dream thick fog inside. The waves are more clear now. I listen to their tormented screams as they continue to find their way up the cliff. I almost feel bad for them, kept so alone out in this deserted corner of the world, nothing to do but obey the moon's forces. The sky hasn't shown any signs of morning yet. Black and coudy, the sky hangs like a depressive fog, weighing down the sea below it.
How long have I been here now? Almost a year, it must've been. Was the weather this bad before I came here? It's been unchanged since I have, at least. The same black waves crashing against the same black cliffs, under the same black sky. I look further into the ocean, and see it less angry. Still disturbed, not calm. Never calm. But softer than the shore. The sea seems to carry on forever. No signs of life to be seen. Yet, even though it's almost soul destroying to imagine the true vastness of it, it seems to have it's own, Pulsing. Bringing the sea against the land. The water furious at the ground for an unknown reason, carrying on the legacy of an ancient war. The only light is the moon's purity, from before being the sole witness of it all, the sun being too egotistical to see anything besides itself.